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Create your home’s signature, always-on fragrance with minimal effort. Our fragrant reed diffuser oil is hand-poured into a beautiful glass vessel for a subtle pop of elegant décor. Comes filled with 6.7 oz of fragrance &  8 fine-gauged dacron reeds for a powerful scent that won’t overwhelm. All Luxe Ambiance diffusers are vegan and free of animal testing, phthalates, parabens, and sulfates.


How to use:

Unscrew the collar and remove the plastic seal carefully

Replace the collar and insert your reeds

Allow 24-48 hours for the fragrance to saturate the reeds and fill the room with scent

For a stronger scent use all the reeds and turn daily, for a more subtle scent use fewer reeds and turn less often (keep in mind the more reeds you use, the more oil will be used cutting down the time that your diffuser last) Suggestion: Start with 5-6 reeds, if not strong enough add more.

***Always place your reed diffuser on an oil-resistant surface***

***Always be careful when flipping your reeds as the oil may get on surfaces***


For Refills (refill fragrance oil sold separately): Unscrew the collar, remove the reed sticks and pour the refill fragrance oil into the glass diffuser jar (use a funnel if you have one) & insert reed sticks

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